Puppy Training

Puppy Training Classes

Our very popular puppy classes are held on a Monday evening class one from 6.30pm until 7.25pm and then class two from 7.35pm to 8.30pm at the United Reform Church in Whetstone.

The benefit of a training class is that there are built in distractions – other puppies and other people!! So many people find that their puppy is completely different out of the house. Seeing other people and other dogs are enough to make your pup forget all the home training you’ve done. Everything outside is so much more exciting. If you can do it in puppy class you can do it on the park, in the street and among other dogs and people.

Our six week consecutive puppy course covers all the training you will need for a pet dog and includes sit, down, stay, lead walking and coming when called together with lots of things we think you will find useful. At the beginning of each class is a short, supervised off lead period where the puppies are free to get to know each other. Socialisation continues through the lessons as the puppies all work together. There is no sitting around waiting for your turn.

We have a modern and informal approach to training using positive reinforcement. This kind, fair, fun and effective reward based system ensures the puppies enjoy their training. No shouting, no nagging, no pulling on leads, no force. Our dogs do what’s required of them because they want to and not because they are forced to. It’s our job to make sure they want to.

Paws On puppy classes are lively and fun just like the puppies.

Puppy class is extremely popular and is continually full so advance booking is essential. This six week consecutive course is available to all puppies under 18 weeks old and costs £50.

For further information or to reserve a place in puppy class please contact us.

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Paws On Puppy Training
Whetstone URC Church


Paws On Puppy Classes are held at the United Reform Church on High Street in Whetstone. You can find us almost opposite the Park vets and next door to the old Wheat Sheaf Pub.

Paws On promoting responsible dog ownership.

Paws On has a duty of care to attending dogs and we are therefore unable to accommodate dogs with any aggressive tendencies towards either dogs or people.