How to Compete at Dog Agility

Dog Competing at Agility

When you’re first looking to compete in agility it can seem very complicated, so we’ve produced this quick guide to get you started.

What you need

1. Kennel Club registered dog.
2. Agility record book.
3. Either a photograph of your dog, or a dog who’s microchipped.
4. Your dog officially measuring.

Registering Your Dog for Agility

All dogs who compete have to be registered with the Kennel Club, they do not have to be pedigree dogs. If your dog is a pedigree and has Kennel Club paperwork then you are fine to skip this step. If however your dog is not already registered, you can still compete by registering on the Kennel Clubs activity register. You can find the form for registration here, the current cost of activity registration is £15.00.

Measuring Book

Once your dog is registered you will need to purchase and fill out an Agility Record Book, these can be purchased from the Kennel Club website.

Filling in the Agility Record Book is very simple, you will need to add your dogs registered name and number, these can be found on the dogs Kennel Club registration certificate. You will also need to either stick a clear photograph of the dog into the front of the book or fill in the dogs microchip number, the dog will then be scanned at the time of measuring.

Getting Measured for Agility

Before measuring:

  • Dogs must be over the age of 15 months, unless clearly large.
  • Be registered with the Kennel Club.
  • Have a completed record book.

The Heights:

Large dogs over 43cm at the shoulder.
Medium dogs over 35cm but under 43cm at the shoulder.
Small dogs under 35cm at the shoulder.

Measuring takes place mostly at agility competitions but sometimes at specific events. There are a few places you can look for measuring sessions.

Measuring costs £4.00 per dog.

Dogs are measured by having a metal hoop placed over them, it’s worth getting the dog used to this before the dogs measured as some dogs are not keen on the process.

Most large dogs only require to be measured once. Small, medium and some large dogs will require a second measurement at a later date, however this doesn’t prevent you from competing before that second measure. The second measurement must be completed at least one year after the first.

Finding an Agility Competition

Now registration and measuring is out of the way, it’s time to enter your first agility show.

You can find a large list of agility shows by going to the AgilityNet schedules page, this provides a handy format allowing you to specify options such as month, type of show etc. You should select the check boxes KC Open, KC Premier and KC Championship along with the months you would like to compete in.

It’s also well worth registering on the ISS who allow you to enter select shows online, it’s a huge time saver.

Most shows book up a month or two before their start date so it’s worth checking early for available shows.

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